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We run successful token crowd sales and ICOs

We turn your Cryptocurrency into cash.

Develop a business strategy linked to Blockchain

Initial coin offering - A new paradigm

SP1 Investments is one of leading independent blockchain consulting firm, founded by Salvatore Palella in 2016.

ICO Advisory Services We provide services to help your company launch an Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

We are involved in most aspects of blockchain as advisers to startups, investors, governments and crypto traders.

We offer a wide range of security and development consulting services, from security diligence and testing services to business model analysis and software development. Drawing on our years of expertise in the cryptocurrency trading and blockchain development spaces, we can work with your company to guide integration of cryptocurrencies or blockchains into your business.

ICO Advisory Services

Business Model and Whitepaper Definition

  1. Introduction - a description of the market and use (and why) of blockchain technology.    
  2. Pre-ICO - preliminary investment phase for the project.
  3. Financial Projections - Investment Plan.
  4. We write and compile Smart Contracts which are digital transparent protocols intended to facilitate, verify and enforce the negotiation or performance of a contract. They are self-executing and stored on the blockchain, which nobody controls and therefore everyone can trust.
  5. Team - management team, key employees and related skills and experiences 

Pre sale Assitance & Token Sale Assistance


  1. Support for the management of the pre-sale private phase.
  2. Technical delivery software for public ICO (smart contract, management support software, security assessment) 

Quotation Assistance

We have direct relationships with the world’s leading exchanges. At this stage it is not possible to guarantee quotation on one or more exchanges.

Why us?

What we do?

We can help you develop a business strategy linked to Blockchain or help you manage your existing plan. 

We will create new ideas to save you on marketing by increasing your effectiveness. 



Founded by Salvatore Palella in 2016, our company is focusing on solid, strategic, and well-defined planning, we’ve increased revenue for our customers, built identity on Blockchain, increased awareness for businesses, and changed attitudes and behaviors for our customers 


As we talk about blockchains everywhere, it’s rare to find people who understand what concepts, technologies, and products really are. 

SP1 Investments is formed by many of the industry’s best technologists.


SP1 Investments was founded by economists, developers and investors who share the vision that recent developments in IT offers an unprecedented opportunity to discover and develop effective solutions for changing people’s habits. We are a +10 team dedicated to Blockchain Technology. We are passionate about solving problems with rigorous science and passionate creativity. We have joined together to discover and develop solutions that will change social and economic interaction of everyone. 


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